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Lucy Jiang Lape

UX Researcher & Strategist

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My mission is to drive company revenue by removing barriers to usability and productivity with data-driven methods.

As a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction, I specialize in combining human intelligence and machine learning to create products with a performance that neither can achieve alone.

I am particularly passionate about removing barrier to health and provide better experience to healthcare providers, clinical staff, and patients.

My Process

One process is not a fit for all projects. I created the process below as a guide and adjust it according to the situation.

My Projects

In compliance with my Non-Disclosure Agreement, I am extremely limited in what I can share on this website. If my work interests you, please connect with me privately for additional discussion.

Medical Note Generation

Reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) by leveraging machine learning output to support human decision making in health administration.

Increase speed and reduce cost by converting the old service into a seamless human-in-the-loop data annotation pipeline.

Insurance Data Analysis

Product Visualization App

Contribute to multimillion dollar contracts by developing an attractive product visualization app for sales within 4 weeks.

Job Candidate Experience

Reduce candidate dropout rate during recruitment by restructuring the recruitment process and website.

Worker Training App

Reduce cost of new worker training by creating a user-friendly training app.

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